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Editing and Using Actions for Admins
Editing and Using Actions for Admins

Partner admins guide to setting up and leveraging the most out of Topic Actions.

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As an admin at one of our partner organizations, it is important for you to understand how you can assist your hosts by adding Actions to your organization's topics. Actions help define clear next steps to make real change. Check out this article for the full overview.

First off, you'll find your "Take Action" section within the Edit view of a Topic.

Guide to setting up actions. On The Topics page select the pencil Icon for Edit.

Next, you'll want to go onto the "Take Action" tab. Here you can add up to 7 distinct Actions that will show up for all Conversations created on this specific topic.

Let's review best practices for adding a new Action. Go ahead and click on the "Create a New Action" button. Here you will be able to add a Title, Description, Button Text, Button Link and positioning in order of how they should be completed. Once you've added each of these you can go ahead and create it. You can always Edit or Delete that Action as well.

Once created, guests will now see it on a Conversation page like this:

We recommend adding 3-5 actions as we have found this to be the sweet spot of not too many or too little next steps. Your guests will be able to feel like they are making a real difference as they complete these items you have outlined for them.

Great job, you now have your Topic's Actions added and ready for your hosts and guests of those associated Conversations!

Next up, let's review how you can use our Dynamic Tags to automatically insert these Actions into emails from the Inclusivv platform that will go out during our after a Conversation. Make sure you're still logged in as an admin for this next step.

First, you'll go to the Emails tab, while still under the Edit mode for a specific Topic.

Decide which email or email(s) you'd like to add your Actions into. In this example let's use a Post Conversation, Email #1.

Select "Dynamic Tags" to start once you're on the point in the email you'd like your Actions.

Now, scroll down to the Actions > Actions Checklist. (Note: If you have not set any Actions up for this specific Topic, the Dynamic Tag will not be available or visible to you in an email. So please go back to the top of this and follow steps to add actions first.)

Insert your checklist and hit "Save". You can also select "Send test email" if you wish to review your email first. All of your Actions will be added into the email(s) and you'll only have to worry about updating them under the Take Action tab going forward. They will automatically update in your emails.

We hope this helps you to enable and encourage your guests and hosts to take attainable, clear and specific Actions after their Conversation!

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