How to use Actions Feature

Actions enable attendees to stay committed to learning about a topic after a conversation has concluded.

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Read this article to learn how to best use the Inclusivv Actions Feature. We'll go into how your company can use Actions to keep momentum going and encourage your attendees to take the next steps in making real change happen.

The Actions feature has existed in the past, however, we recently launched in 2021 several enhanced capabilities to what existed previously. Actions can be updated by your organization's partner-admin by editing the Topic. Once editing, navigate to the 'Take Action' tab. Once you have decided on the Actions you'd like your guests to take after a conversation has occurred, go ahead and get these added.

These Action items will appear as a checklist on a conversation for anyone logged into the Inclusivv platform and attending that specific conversation. The Action items automatically move to the top of the conversation page after it has occurred to easily reference them (see below).

We have built-in dynamic tags for you to easily add the Actions into emails as well. For emails distributed during or after a conversation, simply reference the dynamic tags and select 'Actions Checklist'. Then, as you adjust and make changes to the Actions list, your emails will automatically maintain these changes.

πŸŽ‰ Another new feature recently released is the ability to check off your actions as you complete them! πŸŽ‰ This allows you to track how many actions you have taken as an individual or attendee, and also for admins and hosts to see how much action has been taken after a given conversation. (Full metrics on actions available at scale has been added to the product roadmap). Check out below how to see within a user's profile how many actions they have taken today. In this example, Nicole has checked off 2 actions that are completed and this is tracked in her profile.

We hope this helps you to use Actions to keep attendees curious and learning on these important topics! Please refer to our Partner-Admin guide for setting up and using Actions. Please feel free to reach out if you need any help getting your actions set up, the Customer Success team would be happy to assist!

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