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Schedule and manage your Inclusivv conversations as an admin
Schedule and manage your Inclusivv conversations as an admin

Use the Inclusivv platform to schedule and manage all your events

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As an admin, you can login to the Inclusivv dashboard to schedule, manage registrations, and update details for conversations scheduled for your organization.

Schedule a new conversation

  • Click the Topics button

  • Click the Create a conversation button next to the topic of your choice

  • Follow the prompts

  • Grab your unique conversation URL to share

  • Download your Host Guide

Manage conversation details

  • Click the Conversations button on the right nav

  • Click the Edit button next to the conversation of your choice

  • This is your Edit Conversation Dashboard. Here you can:

    • Cancel your event

    • Change the date/time

    • Invite guests

    • Manage guest list

Activate and customize platform emails

Platform emails do the work for you - by activating these, your guests will receive automatic emails upon registration, one week out, one day before, and post conversation.

Platform emails are topic-level informed. This means that any conversation created on a topic within the platform will have the emails programmed into that topic. If these emails are not activated, registration and reminder emails will go out they will just lack customization.

  • Click Topics button

  • Locate topic. To the right of the topic, click the Edit button

  • Navigate to the Emails tab

    • To activate, slide the button to Active on the bottom left hand corner of each email.

    • Customize copy and save!

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