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Membership Admin Dashboard 101
Membership Admin Dashboard 101
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For those who are admins on their organization's Membership, here is a quick overview of how to navigate your dashboard.

Navigating your Membership Dashboard

Click “My Membership” in the top navigation bar.

Here is your Membership dashboard - this is where you can manage your members, sign up for your conversations, and manage your subscription.

Journeys Page

This is where all the details of your journey exist.

Here you can navigate to the Journey page to see all upcoming conversations that you may register for by clicking the name of the journey under the My Journey heading.

You will also find on this page a list of conversations you’ve registered for, as well as past conversations.

Community Page

On the Community Page, you’ll find your Membership’s Leaderboard, which shows data around your members engagement.

Your members will be able to see their peers’ engagement and request connections on this page, as well.

Members Page

Manage & Invite Members

  • To manage and invite members to your membership, click “Members” in the left hand navigation bar. This brings you to your Members dashboard.

Invite Members

Invite By Email:

You can invite your members directly from the platform using our Invite by Email feature.

Click the button in your Members dashboard and a window will pop up.

You may type in email addresses separated by commas, or bulk upload a .CSV file with -only- the emails you want added listed in column 1. See the image below as an example.

Invite Link

This button will copy your unique Membership invite link that you can send via your communication channels.

Please note that using this feature will not add the email addresses of those invited to the Invited column in the Member table.

Download CSV

This button will allow you to download a list of all your members - active, invited, and removed.


Manage your Subscription!

Click “Subscription” on the left hand navigation bar.

Here is all the information you need about your subscription.

If you need assistance adding seats, canceling, or making changes, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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