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What happens in a Membership conversation
What happens in a Membership conversation
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What happens in an Inclusivv Membership conversation

What To Expect

What you can expect from the conversation will be small group gatherings, 3 big questions, equal time to share, and a shared experience.

You will be attending via Zoom - your host will move you into break out rooms with a small group of people. For each question, you will return to your same group. In your breakout room, we ask that you designate a facilitator that ensures every one in your group gets equal time to share.

It is important that each person get equal time to share.

Inclusivv creates a brave space for all to share in - to create this space, your host will explain the ground rules and have all in attendance agree. They will also be there to maintain the psychological safety of the group.

Ground Rules

  • Listen With Curiosity

  • Engage With Empathy

  • Appreciate Authenticity

  • Respect Those With Lived Experience

  • Enjoy Yourself!

After agreeing to the ground rules, your host will introduce you to this conversation’s topic. We do not expect everyone to be experts on the subject - these conversations are structured for all levels of understanding. Your host will be there if you have any questions.

First, you’ll be asked to answer an introduction question - this is when you first will enter your breakout rooms and get to know the small group you’re with. This is the time that we will also ask that you designate a break out room facilitator. This person is responsible for ensuring that each person get equal time to share.

For the next 6-8 minutes, you’ll be sent into breakout rooms with no more than 5 other people to answer the introduction question.

After this, you’ll be brought back to the main room, and the next question will be introduced.

You’ll have 3 questions, which follow a structured conversation format. You get between 12-15 minutes for each question.

The important thing to remember in the break out rooms is that the conversations are structured so that every person gets equal time to share.

Notice an introvert in the room? If you feel comfortable - make sure they have time to share. If you’re not comfortable nudging, you can message your host and let them know so they can nudge for you.

After the third question, we’ll all come back together and have a shareout moment, where we can reflect on what was said in each group.

You’ll always remain with your same group - we’d like for you to build a feeling of trust and safety within these conversations.

These conversations are never recorded.

Our key rule is - what is said here stays here, but what is learned here leaves here.

Cheers! ✌️

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