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Food and Beverages
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When hosting an in person conversation, food and beverages are not required but most welcome!

Food and beverages

If you’ve decided to host the conversation in your home or workplace and you’d like to have food or snacks as part of the experience, you can decide whether you’d like to cater the conversation yourself, order in delivery, or ask your guests to bring a plate.

When setting up your conversation on the platform - as described here - you're given options on how to let your guests know what to expect food and beverage wise.

It is entirely up to you as host how your event will provide food or beverages, or if none at all.

Some fun facts:

Research has found that eating together is good for our well-being. It helps us feel more connected to each other and is associated with greater levels of happiness and trust. Bon appetit!

Studies have shown that we’re more likely to come to an agreement with others when we’re sharing food, especially if we are eating from the same plates. Chinese, anyone?

Dietary Restrictions

When setting up your conversation, if you selected “Private home” or “Office / Other venues” you will have had the opportunity to indicate the type of catering (e.g. potluck, or fully catered) (see screenshot)

Dietary Accommodations: There is a section to choose any dietary accommodations you will be catering to. (see screenshot)

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