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Set Up Your Conversation in 6 Simple Steps
Set Up Your Conversation in 6 Simple Steps

Complete these six simple steps to create an Inclusivv conversation.

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STEP 1 - Sign up

To set up your conversation, go to, select a topic, click “Host your Own” and follow the quick prompts to create an Inclusivv account. The email that you use for sign up will be the email you receive all reminder information so be sure to choose one you check regularly. You may also choose to login using Facebook.

STEP 2 - Set up your conversation

After you’ve registered you’ll be prompted to create your “conversation.” Agree to the role of host guidelines and terms of service.

STEP 3 - Choose your guest registration preference

Choose “Open” or “Closed” for registration type. We recommend “Open” so that anyone can sign up, however if you wish to curate your guests, choose “Closed” which requires guests to request an invite and the host must approve each guest.

STEP 4 - Select In-Person or Online

Inclusivv conversations can be held online or in person. As a host, you can choose what’s best for you and your guests. For online you can choose between using your own virtual meeting room (such as Zoom, Google Meeting, or any other virtual room) by inserting the link and any join instructions. Or you can use the Inclusivv video platform from our partner Keep in mind the Inclusivv video platform is web-based and can only accommodate up to eight people on camera at a time. Therefore for online events over eight people we recommend using Zoom or BlueJeans that allow for larger capacity and breakout rooms.

For In-Person, please choose a location that allows for space and quiet for 6-8 people to hold a conversation. There are options for you to choose dietary restrictions and whether your event will be a pot luck, bring your own dish, or you as the host will provide all food. The venue can be at your home, a restaurant, or even a picnic!

STEP 5 - Select date, time, location, and guest limit

Events can be any time of day including morning, mid-day, afternoon, or evening. We recommend a minimum of one hour, and ideally two hours in case the conversation is deep and you have a full group of people. Enter in the location from where you’ll host so that the time zone is accurate.

STEP 6 - Finish and invite guests!

Click “Finish” and congrats! You now have an event page that you can share directly with potential guests, post on social media, or invite via email. Be sure to upload a profile picture as people are more likely to attend if they can identify the host. You’ll receive an email with the conversation guide, and you can edit your event by navigating to your conversation page directly and clicking “Edit” when logged in. Or you can simply click “My Conversations” in the top right when you’re logged in to see all upcoming conversations and edit details, manage guests, or download the conversation guide.

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