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Product Release: Stories Feature
Product Release: Stories Feature
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The Stories feature allows attendees to share their experience in an engaging and compelling multimedia format after they attend a conversation. These stories can be shared throughout different social media platforms. This provides social proof for potential new attendees of future conversations. This feature will have to be enabled by your Customer Success representative for the topic that you want to leverage Stories for. Once enabled, continue reading to see how to use this exciting feature!

How it Works

After a conversation has concluded, all guests and hosts will receive an email one day after the event. The email will invite everyone to share their experience. Sharing their own personal story about the event gives them the option to provide a write-up, include a photo, video or audio message. They can even select a pre-written prompt to help get them started!

Once attendees have provided their responses and content, they are able to easily share the story on social media, including; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Once a story is published, it will appear on the Topic & Conversation page in a section called Story Wall. The Story Wall will showcase all stories relevant to that specific topic.

Administration of Stories

As a partner-admin you can easily see what stories have been submitted for a particular topic and conversation within your organization. Simply login and navigate to your "My Organization" page. See the option for Stories on the left-hand side panel.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions on the new Stories feature! Remember to have this enabled by your Inclusivv Customer Success rep for all of your topics that you wish to utilize Stories for!

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