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What to Expect as a Guest (FAQs)
What to Expect as a Guest (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to attending an Inclusivv conversation

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Hi there! I'm Jenn, the founder and CEO of Inclusivv. Thanks so much for exploring more about Inclusivv and I can't wait for you to experience the magic. But first, let me answer a few of the most commonly asked questions for you.

What is an Inclusivv conversation?

An "Inclusivv conversation" is a gathering of 4-8 people, with a host who follows an Inclusivv conversation host guide with 3 big questions on a specific topic, allowing equal time to share and one voice at a time. Each Inclusivv conversation follows this simple recipe:

Why only 4-8 people per Inclusivv conversation?

Each Inclusivv conversation topic is carefully designed to allow each person to share 2-3 minutes with each round of big questions. Plus we have an introduction or ice breaker. So in total, each person gets to share for about 10 minutes total. A small group allows for everyone to be heard, and for deeper connections to be made.

Can there be more than 4-8 people?

Absolutely. We suggest if you have a larger group, be able to break them down into smaller groups - it is easier for each

Is it free to attend?

We have some free events - check them out here.

Who comes up with the questions?

Our topic design process is award-winning, and we pride ourselves in creating powerful topics that move people to tell stories and share things they've never shared before with the hopes of building empathy, understanding and greater connection among even strangers. The greatest thing about Inclusivv is that we've done the hard working of creating the questions and the flow for the hosts, so they just have to read them aloud and make sure everyone has a chance to share before moving on to the next question.

Can I invite friends?

Yessssss! Please help spread the word about Inclusivv and help us reach our goal of inviting one million people to the table by the end of 2021. If you register for a conversation, and you know of others that might be interested in the topic, then yes, definitely invite them if the conversation isn't yet full. Feel free to check with the host first in case they are trying to curate a specific group.

Depending on the topic and the target audience (ie: for Emory alumni they'd prefer you to be an Emory alum) yet any conversations that are listed on this public conversations page are open to anyone! Spread the word by posting on social, or even texting your conversation page link to friends, neighbors, and community members.

How does a virtual Inclusivv conversation work?

Thankfully our Inclusivv experience is just as powerful virtually as it is in-person. Instead of a host entering in the address of a home or restaurant, a host simply selects the virtual option they prefer, using our built-in video platform or using their own link such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Will I have to create an account on Inclusivv?

Yep! But it's quick and easy. Once you sign up for an event or receive an invite, you will be asked to create an account to RSVP. By creating an account the platform sends you automatic reminders and follow-ups afterwards with ways to connect with other participants, share feedback, and take action. Also, by creating an account we can more easily provide support if you have technical issues. And once you create an account, you have access to lots of resources, FAQs and get invites to featured events.

Do I have to prepare in advance?

Nope! All we need is you. The topic has been designed in a way that allows you to share stories from your own lived experience, and provides prompts to help educate or align everyone on the same topic. We don't expect anyone to be an expert on the topic, and in fact, it's sometimes better when people know nothing about the topic and are just curious. It allows you to have a completely open mind.

Can I bring a guest who hasn't registered?

We ask that everyone wishing to attend an event registers individually (with separate emails) so they are all kept up to date and can receive their own feedback survey.

Will I receive reminders?

Yes! We've got you. As long as you choose an email that you check regularly when you signup, you'll receive numerous reminders ahead of time. For instance, after you register for an event you'll receive the virtual meeting link in the confirmation email, and reminders leading up to an hour before the conversation.

How do I join the virtual event?

Ten minutes before your event start time, login to Inclusivv and click "My Conversations" to see your upcoming event that you've registered for. You can then select "join now" to immediately open up the virtual meeting room. Make sure you have a video camera on your laptop or computer. Then, just login and meet your other guests and host. The host will describe what to expect and guide you through the conversation.

What are some general tips you can give me as a guest?

  • Prepare to get into your video room a little bit before the start of the conversation so you can make sure everything works.

  • Turn off other programs on your computer to let your video run smoothly.

  • If you are hard of hearing or have background noise, make sure you have headphones handy to fully participate.

  • Mute yourself if you aren’t speaking.

  • Listen to others thoughtfully and intentionally.

  • Stay present in the conversation.

  • Grab some water, refreshment or snack and settle in

What happens after the conversation?

It depends on the topic and the organization behind the topic. We work closely with partners such as nonprofits, cities, universities and conscious brands to design conversations on important topics. Each conversation may have specific actions including a survey allowing you to share insights, links to resources to learn more about the issue, or clear actions to take to become a better advocate or ally on the topic. Also, after each conversation you'll be able to connect with attendees and keep the topic going.

How can I give feedback on the experience?

You will receive a feedback survey after the event and we highly encourage you to share your thoughts. Your insights and experiences are super valuable as we're always eager to improve the experience.

What happens if I sign up but have to cancel?

Can I attend another one?

ABSOLUTELY! We actually have over a hundred "super-attendees" who have attended three or more Inclusivv conversations. These individuals may receive special invites to events or first look at new topics, so please attend as many as you wish!

Who hosts? And can I host?

Love your enthusiasm! Check out this list of open topics available to host. It's free to host your own with friends, family, neighbors and community members. However, if you plan to host the conversation internally with your organization or company, please talk with our team.

OK, I'm definitely interested. How do I get started?

Awesome! Here’s a helpful article on how to set up your own Inclusivv conversation.


~ jenn

Jenn Graham

Founder & CEO


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