We know there are times when an in-person Inclusivv conversation is not as convenient for those with disabilities, or those with children, or when it's not even safe because of a global pandemic. Therefore, Inclusivv is now offering the ability to host an online Inclusivv conversation and engage with people all over the world, from the comfort of your own home or office. 

We believe this new feature will allow even more voices at the table, and provide for more flexibility, accessibility and convenience than ever before. The structure and format is exactly the same, except rather than gathering at a table, we'll gather online via an online video platform. Follow these simple steps to setup your own online conversation.


To host an online conversation, go to www.inclusivv.co, and click "Host a Conversation" or scroll to the bottom of the home page to browse all topics.

On this page, you will be able to browse topics.

Find a topic that is relevant to your location by entering in your city. All topics that are not relevant to your city or state will be filtered out.

Click on a topic to learn more about it, and if it's a good fit, click "Host Your Own" and follow the simple prompts.

Follow the simple prompts for setting up your online conversation.

Step 1: The first step is agreeing to arrange a quiet venue (including an online room) where people can easily hear one another, to follow the conversation guide and share key insights afterwards.

Step 2:
Choose what type of Inclusivv conversation this will be, either "Open" meaning that anyone can attend or "Host Approval" where guests have to request an invite and hosts must approve each guest. We always recommend going "Open" to allow for the greatest diversity, especially with online conversations as you're not as worried about total strangers coming over to your house.  

And, regardless of which option you choose, we highly recommend you inviting guests to your online conversation to help spread the word. You'll receive specific tips on how to recruit guests before your conversation date.

Step 3:
Next, choose your conversation location. To host an online conversation, choose “Online Conversation (online)”.

Step 4:
Next you will choose whether you want to use a video conferencing  you will be prompted to choose “I have a video service I would like to use” or “I want to use your video service”.

If you have an existing Zoom room, or Google Hangout that you're comfortable using, or any other online video conferencing tool, select the option: “I have a video service I would like to use” and you can enter in the link, along with instructions for your guests.

You will be asked to input the city you will be hosting from (this is for time zone purposes), an online link for your attendees to join (this can be a Zoom link, Hangouts, Bluejeans, or whatever you are most comfortable with using), and special instructions for your guests on how to access your online room.

If you don’t have an online meeting room you can use, you can use our integrated tool - daily.co - to host your conversation. We have pre-populated instructions for your guests and all you need to input is the city you are hosting from (for time zone purposes) and the number of guests. 

For the number of guests, we recommend between 5-8 guests for a total of 6-9 people for online conversations, given the shortened time frame and attention span.

Step 5:
Finally, select the date and time.

We recommend for online conversations a length of either an hour, or at most an hour and a half. To change the time, simply hold down on the arrow button.

Fun fact: People's attention spans seem to be less than the ideal 2 hours if you were gathering around a conversation table. Plus, you don't have the buffer time required for ordering food, plating or serving food and drinks.

Super fun tip: If you make your time during "happy hour" you can encourage people to bring a drink of choice and toast when everyone arrives!

Then press submit and SUCCESS! You're hosting an online conversation!

Now you can invite guests. You have the choice to invite guests via email or Facebook or both!

The invite guests by email feature is super slick as it automatically pulls in the date, time, title and RSVP link, so all you need to do is add the email addresses.

NOTE: If you need to make any edits to your conversation or want to have a conversation with only people you know and "hide it" from the homepage, learn how here. You'll also be able to manually mark your conversation as full using these instructions. 

Now, check your inbox! 

Make sure to check the one you used upon sign-up. And there you'll have an email providing you with a link to your online conversation page on inclusivv.co, confirmation of the time, date, and join link, along with a link to download the host guide.

You and your guests will receive email updates with a link to your online conversation room 36 hours and 1 hour before the start of your conversation, but you can also access your link via your conversation page 10 minutes before the start of your conversation.

Your page will update to include the “Join Online Conversation Now” button like you see below. 

You and your guests can click this button and be automatically redirected to whatever online meeting room link you have chosen to use for your conversation. 

If you need help after reading this article, feel free to ask us at [email protected] or click on the blue icon at the bottom right of your screen. If you have more questions about hosting an online conversation, check out our FAQ page here.

You're all set! We hope you enjoy hosting your online Inclusivv conversation and can't wait to hear how it goes! Share and tag us @inclusivv and we're excited to see your smiling faces!

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