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Online Conversation FAQ
Online Conversation FAQ

Our online conversations have the same structure as our in-person conversations but are online and may or may not involve food.

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Tips for Hosting

  • Make a list of ten people you’d like to attend your conversation. Remember, the goal is four to eight guests but not everyone invited will attend and last minute cancellations may happen. Post in different virtual groups you belong to or tell your friends to tell their friends. This is a great opportunity to cast a wide net! 

  • If you’re using your own virtual room, make sure you have any helpful instructions included on your conversation page. For example, if you’re using Zoom videoconferencing software, remind guests to download the Zoom application in advance of the conversation. You can update the instructions on your conversation page at any time.

  • Log in ten mins early to the virtual room. Add your name to your image (virtual name tag) and check to make sure your video and audio are working.

  • Type the questions of your topic into the chat box.

  • As guest join the virtual meeting, ask them their name, where they are calling in from and what they’re drinking (if appropriate). 

  • Once everyone has joined, welcome them and explain how to make their virtual name tags, mute themselves, and use the chat box. Ask if anyone has any questions about the technology so far and explain how the process of a online conversation works. 

  • Remind everyone to stay present (keeping off phones and other sites).

  • Grab a drink or snack and settle in :)

  • Have a great time! Remember, we love to hear about your experiences so share and tag us!

Tips for Attending

  • Prepare to get into your video room a little bit before the start of the conversation so that you can make sure everything works 

  • Turn off other programs on your computer to let your video run smoothly

  • If you are hard of hearing or have background noise, make sure you have headphones handy to fully participate

  • Mute yourself if you aren’t speaking 

  • Stay present on the conversation at hand 

  • Grab a drink or snack and settle in :)

Links for how to join/use various virtual meeting platforms

We know that you might have a platform of your choice for bringing people together. We give you the option to use our automatically generated link from our partner for your meeting room or you can use your own. Here are links to tutorials for a few of the services out there. Most of these virtual meeting software platforms have a free option.

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