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How to co-host an Inclusivv conversation!
How to co-host an Inclusivv conversation!

Co-hosting is the perfect way to ease yourself into hosting or just take some of the weight off in a busy season.

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Have you considered hosting an Inclusivv conversation but still feel a little uneasy about doing it by yourself? We get that. But have you thought about co-hosting?

Co-hosting is the perfect way to ease yourself into hosting or just take some of the weight off in a busy season. 

Recently, I co-hosted with two friends. One was in charge of registering the conversation on, as well as bringing the sides and dessert; I was in charge of the main dish, and our other friend opened up her home and agreed to read the questions. It wasn't a huge lift for any of us and we could've made it even easier if we made it a potluck or hosted at a restaurant. 

Steps to Co-Host:

Find 1 or 2 Friends to Host With. If no friends come to mind, think about co-workers, neighbors, or even ask us if we have someone to pair you with. 

Pick the Date, Location, and the Topic. Once you know when & where you want to host (home or restaurant), and have chosen a theme from the options available in your area, everything else is easy. 

Divvy up the Tasks! Here's a handy checklist of all the tasks, and feel free to divide them up however you like!

  1. Post the conversation on — It's so easy to setup the conversation, just click "Host Your Own" and enter in the details. Who ever sets up the conversation will be seen as the host on your unique conversation page and will have access to manage the conversation details and track rsvp's. This person will receive the confirmation including the host guide with the questions, and be the main point of contact for guests. All other co-hosts should register as guests for their conversation.

  2. Plan the meal — If hosting at a home, decide who's home and if you'll serve food, cater, or go potluck. You can ask guests to bring a dish. If you're hosting at a restaurant, decide who will make the reservation and make sure the restaurant has a quiet space for 6-8 guests and can provide separate checks.

  3. Invite guests! The best part about co-hosting is that having diverse perspectives at the table is way easier. Share your conversation page link with all of your networks on social media, email, online groups, text your friends and neighbors, etc. All of your guests who register with the link will automatically be emailed the details and given reminders of the conversation. 

Enjoy yourselves! And remember to take photos and post them to social media. 

So go ahead, grab somebody, and co-host your first Inclusivv conversation!

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