Top 5 Hosting Tips
We want you to feel comfortable and confident hosting. Here are a few tips to set you up for success!
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Keep it Simple 

Your conversation doesn’t have to be straight out of Better Homes and Garden. It can be at a restaurant, it can be a potluck style conversation, or you can order pizza. Simplifying the meal will save time and make the hosting experience as stress-free as possible. 

Set the Tone

Create a warm and welcoming environment for your guest. Kickoff the conversation with the expectation that the topic is the center of this event! 

Moderate the topic

Encourage everyone to speak and enable all of them to be heard. Invite your guests to talk to each other, not just with you. Make sure to further the conversation by probing for specifics and examples.

Don’t forget to enjoy!

Not everything will be perfect, so go with the flow! Remember the real purpose of this conversation is gathering friends and community members to have the conversations that matter.

Share! Share! Share!

Pictures, videos, text post, don't be shy! Think of social media as an extension of the conversation table, but the conversation doesn't have to end after dessert. Remind guests to connect after the conversation so they can keep sharing resources, ideas, and stories .

We're so excited for you!

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